Security & Intelligence Consultant
Asher Ben Artzi

Police & Security


United States Ambassador to Israel


Chief, Cyprus National Guard


Chief, Cyprus Police


Vice President, INTERPOL


Director, Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI)


Director, United States  Secret Service


Director, Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)


Commissioner, New York Police (NYPD)


Commissioner, Canadian Police (RCMP)


Serious Organized Crime Agency of the United Kingdom (SOCA)


Minister of the Interior of Ukraine (Medal Awarded)


Certificate of Appreciation
United States Secres Service Certificate of Appreciation
US Department of Justice Certificate of Appreciation

Tenure at Israel National Police

Served as the Director of the Security Department and soon after as the Director of INTERPOL & International Operations.   Ben Artzi directed the Interpol Division and was responsible for the interchange of criminal intelligence with other police task forces and intelligences agencies, as he led the force against drugs and organized crime.

Chief Superintendent at Israel National Police & Head of Interpol

As Chef Superintendent and director of Interpol, Ben Artzi’s duties included dealings with the counter terrorism  and organized crime, such as  enforcing extraditions, criminal activities by Israeli citizens abroad in addition to legal assistance for foreign police and  intelligence agencies .

International Cooperation with Federal US Agencies

Ben Artzi cooperated with prominent US security forces including the FBI, DEA and the Secret Service. He played a key role in overseeing the Israeli attaché in Washington and Los Angeles in addition to joining forces with European security agencies and others across the globe. Ben Artzi also represented the Israel Police to the Roman Catholic and Greek Orthodox Patriarch in the state of Israel.

Professional Time Line


Asher Ben Artzi is a retired Chief Superintendent with over 34 years of service in the Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet) and the Israel National Police force. Ben Artzi leaves behind a long career of leadership as a key player in the Israeli security and intelligence sphere.


He continues to impact the security and intelligence field as the founder of IPSC International Police & Security Consultants and as a Research Fellow at the ICT , Institute for Counter Terrorism in Israel.


Chief Superintendent Ben Artzi is the former Secretary General of CYBERPOL, The International Cyber Policing Organization (by Royal Decree WL 22.16.595).


Chief Superintendent Ben Artzi is the chairman of the board of BLACK WALL GLOBAL


He is a member of the US internal Affairs Investigators Association.

He is a member of the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP)

He is a member of the Scientific Working Group on Digital Evidence (SWGDE)

IPSC is a member in SANS(SysAdmin, Audit, Network, Security)

IPSC use scientific technology for digital and cyber investigations.

IPSC specialize in Forensic Investigation, using the scientific methods of Comparative Geometry. We use the methods, standards and protocols of SWGDE, the  Scientific Working Group on Digital Evidence.


Former lecturer in the department of public security in Varna University, Nicosia Campus.

M.A. degree in Administration from Haifa University.

ICT, Research Fellow, Institute for Counter-Terrorism, IDC, Herzliya


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