Digital-Forensic Services

Document Fraud & Forgery Lab

IPSC specialize in fraud and counterfeit investigation with world-class expertise, providing services to intelligence agencies all over the world.


IPSC verify counterfeit documents and signature forgery including content alternation, ink types, paper weight and age, writing style, graphology, and document authenticity.


Forensic Comparative Geometry

Advanced Security and Intelligence Expertise

Our expertise stems from our vast experience in our service in Israeli intelligence units (mossad) , the Israeli National Security Agency (ISA) and special CT forces.


• Establishing specialized units for VIP and delegation security with armed security forces.


• Executing a variety of intelligence tasks in a cooperation framework with private clients world wide including governments, corporations and officials.

Israeli Cyber Technology Development and Exchange for Intelligence and Police Forces

Israel is a reputable source of technological development with specialized expertise in cybertech. We provide global intelligence and police forces with access to top Israeli cybertech to increase their operational value.

Maritime Security

Our maritime security services encompass shipment and cargo protection, in addition to private yacht security.

Digital Investigations

We provide a wide range of Digital Investigation services, including Digital Internal Affairs Investigations, Digital Corporate and Security Investigations, and Digital Internal Defense Investigations.

We provide Forensic Video Lab services, including analysis and verification of video forgery, false editing or falsification of footage and comparison of defective film. This allows us to decipher the license plates from the CCTV footage.


• Analysis of criminal incidents and scenarios according to forensic process models.


• Investigation and forensic examination of traffic incidents.


• Investigation and forensic medical examination and digital reconstruction at the scene.

Alex Ranev

Mr. Alex Ranev,

Digital forensic investigator

The former Forensic Photographer of the Israel Border Police.

The first Israeli open Asperger, who professionally works as a private investigator and as a Digital Forensic Expert


Member of the US Internal Affairs Investigators Association.
Certified expert, Digital Forensic Investigator
Certified Expert Witness by the Ministry of Justice of the State of Israel
Certified Arson Investigator by the Israel Association of Arson & Fire Investigators


The IPSC (Intelligence Police & Security Consultants) is an industry- leading security consultancy firm. Founded by Chief Superintendent Asher Ben Artzi, IPSC provides strategic security advice to police and intelligence forces around the world.


Our background in elite Israeli intelligence units, the Israeli Security Agency and the Israeli National Police is at the core of our specialized expertise and professional  services.

We hold security consultation contracts with prominent officials, VIPs and governments.


Our expertise, which is unique to IPSC is investigation and detection of Video Forgery (see Digital Investigations  below).

State of the Art Leading Intelligence
Cyber Security Warfare & Defensive

Keeping VIP Life Private & Confidential - Your Secrets Secure, with IDF Cyber Warfare Expertise.

We are a highly private High-End Technological Security Solutions company specializing in providing customized, latest cutting-edge technological solutions to VIP clients worldwide.

We provide the most advanced encrypted communication systems(GDIS-Crypto)

Courses and Training

We offer investigation training and services for the private and corporate sector. Our clients are prominent and influential business persons that require daily protection from frequent threats or perceivable conflict.


Our courses:

  • VIP Close Protection & Security Course
  • CT (Counter Terrorism)
  • Establishment of Special Force Units


Investigations & Special Operations

Our reliable experience in the governmental and private sector enable us to thing creatively as we approach our investigative and special operations with a creative and effective methodology.

Cyber & IT Security

No security platform is impenetrable. We understand the importance of applying multi-level security training and protocols, as we value a thorough cyber and IT security strategy.


Our services include:

  • IT & Cyber security Strategy
  • Threat Analysis
  • Risk Assessment

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Alex Ranev